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· 3 min read
Cory O'Daniel

Massdriver $4mm seed round

We are excited to announce our $4MM seed round led by 1984 Ventures!

The round was led by Ramy Adeeb of 1984 Ventures (previous investor in Square, Posthog). They are founders and operators with a fantastic track record of helping turn bold ideas into great companies. The round also included Y Combinator, Uncorrelated Ventures (previous investor in Redis Labs, MuleSoft), Page One Ventures, Soma Capital, Hack VC, and technical/founder angels with experience starting their own successful businesses.

We're excited to have such a solid team of investors on board to collaborate with us.

The Problem

We have spent the past 15 years working as DevOps engineers. We were constantly frustrated by the constant back-and-forth and creating friction between DevOps and Engineering teams. Its time for the industry to acknowledge that DevOps has failed:

  • DevOps was intended to be a set of practices and culture employed by engineers. Instead, the philosophy and culture of DevOps have been replaced by “DevOps” teams with their own backlogs, slowing the development process and creating silos of knowledge for engineers to toss requests over.
  • Regulatory compliance and users’ increasing demand for reliability and performance are forcing engineering teams into more complex event-driven and microservice architectures.
  • Organizations are looking toward Platform Engineering to build the necessary tools. Still, platform engineering is near impossible for the average company to achieve given resource backlogs and is only within reach of the Google’s of the world.